3 Sets
Lateral band Walks x 20 reps (10/side)
Moster band Walks x 20 reps (10 for/10 back)
30sec – 2-arm KB Front Rack Squat Hold at 90 degrees
rest as needed

A1) Seated Good Morning

3111; 6,6,4; rest 60sec x 3 sets
*ideally the feet are placed in a wide stance

A2) Single Leg Kettlebell Deadlift

3111; 6-8/leg; rest 60sec x 3

B) 1-1/4 Back Squat

(3sec lowering on first eccentric); 2.2; rest 15sec/rest 2mins x 3 sets
*each set consists of 4 total reps with a 15sec break after rep 2 where you place the bar back on the rack

C) 3 Sets – move with purpose not speed

KB Front Rack Walking Lunge x 10 steps
12 Ring Rows – feet elevated at 1010 tempo
15m Single Arm KB OH Carry
rest walk 2mins