Multiple Programs to Fit Your Needs

Let’s Do This

Justin and his team can help you get into shape, reduce body fat, increase core strength, and make a total lifestyle change. Chesterfield CrossFit offers 3 main programs:

CrossFit Kids

No age is to early to create healthy habits!

CrossFit Teens

Challenging workouts for energetic teens!


The results speak for themselves – Join us!

CrossFit Kids

  • Age Range:  5  – 10 years old
  • Purpose:  CrossFit is defined as constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements.  The foundation of CrossFit is gymnastics.  It is easier to teach children foundational skills when they are young, which prepares them for all sports and challenges of life.
  • Progression:  Our CrossFit Kids program focuses on teaching the basics of gymnastics to children between the ages of 5 years to 10 years.
  • Coached by Megan Thomas.  Megan has being coaching gymnastics for 10 years and is CrossFit Kids certified.
  • Please call CrossFit Chesterfield to ask for days and times.
  • Age Range:  11 – 17 years old
  • Purpose:  CrossFit is a fun and efficient way for teens to develop the strength, conditioning base and fitness to excel in the sport of their choice.
  • Progression:  First, we build cardio respiratory endurance using CrossFit methodology. Next, we introduce weight lifting movements scaled according to each child’s physical ability. In addition, each teen is taught gymnastic skills along with spatial awareness. Once teens reach an appropriate skill level, we transition them into CrossFit classes with adults. The end results are athletes that are among the fittest on the planet.
  • CrossFit has recently added age divisions 14-15 and 16-17 to the CrossFit Games competition. Qualifying teens are eligible to attend the Games and compete for the title of Fittest Teen on the Planet!

CrossFit Teens


  • Age Range:  16 years and older
  • Purpose:  In CrossFit’s definition of fitness, being functionally capable across a broad array of fitness-related skills is of primary importance.  These skills include strength, flexibility, endurance, stamina, speed, power, agility, balance, coordination and accuracy.  If you want to be good in these areas variety is the key.  We will use movements and techniques from the sport of Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, and metabolic conditioning.
  • Progression:  After completion of the foundation classes, you will be ready to join the group classes.  The CrossFit program is designed to be scaled.  This allows any committed individual, regardless of your current fitness level or experience to participate.  Our goal is to get you more fit and better yourself.
  • Coached by CrossFit Level 1 trainers


Foundations at CrossFit Chesterfield are unique in that they involve 3 one-hour private lessons with head coach Justin McPherson instead of the traditional classes offered at other CrossFit locations.