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June 16, 2015


Every minute, on the minute, for 12 minutes:
Minute 1 – Strict Handstand Push-Ups x 6-12 reps
(if you’re proficient, aim for the high end of the range, if you don’t have them yet, perform 3 reps of negatives – a 4-6 second eccentric on each rep)
Minute 2 – L-Seated Dead Hang x 30-45 seconds
(assume the bottom of an L-Pull-Up with heels above horizontal plane of buttocks and hang from the pull-up bar holding position for 30-45 seconds)
Minute 3 – Unbroken Double-Unders x 40 reps


3 rounds

Row 1000m

15 Power Clean + Front Squat + Push Jerk 135/95

Post WOD


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