3 Sets –
1 Turkish Get Up/arm Slow Contorlled 10sec to the top and 10se cdown
10m Reverse Quadruped Crawl
10 Alternating Box Step Ups

A) Front Squat

00X1; 8,8,8; (note the change to tempo this week – start with loads around 55-60% of your 1RM. We are aiming for very fast and explosive reps. The load with this tempo means very little. The speed with which you move the weight means everything. GET UP FAST!); rest as needed

B1) Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat

20X1; 4-6/leg; rest 45sec x 3sets (KB Front Rack Loaded)

B2) Wtd Strict Pull Up + Strict C2B Pull Up + Strict Pull UP

2.4.6 (perform 2 wtd pull ups, then 4 strict C2B without weight, then 6 strict pull ups also without weight) rest 45sec x 3 sets
*aim to have 3 levels of pull ups the start hardest and move to easiest – this can be accomplished with the addition of more assistence if needed

B3) Dual Seated Arnold Press

2111; 4-6reps x 3; rest 90sec

C) 10mins – Finisher

2 Hollow Body Wall Walks
20m KB Cross Body Carry L Overhead
15sec Side Star Plank L
20m KB Cross Body Carry R Overhead
15sec Side Star Plank R