3 Sets
Band Walking Squares x 2
10 Lateral R
10 Monster walk foward
10 Lateral L
10 Monster walk backwards
30sec Double KB Front Rack Wall Sit

A1) Split Stance Good Morning

2020; 6-8/lg rest 60sec x 3 sets
*we are now focusing back on single leg hinging here – learn new pattern before going heavier

A2) Banded Glute Bridges

10X1; 20reps; rest 60sec x 3 sets
*really squeeze at the top – activate and fire the glutes

B) 1-1/4 Back Squat

(3sec lowering on first eccentric); 1.1.1 x 2 sets; 1.1 x 2 sets; rest 15sec/rest 2-3mins

C) 3 Sets – increase tempo with each set

10 KB Front Rack Step Up (5/leg)
8 Renegae Rows (HEAVY – 4 reps per arm)
20m KB Cross Body Carry/arm
rest walk 2mins