3 Rounds @ 75% Effort
250m Row
8 KB Clean
8 KB Push Press
*work good KB Rack positions – elbows down and wrists straight

A1) Close Grip Bench Press

30X0; 6,4,2; rest 90sec (building weight each set)

A2) Supinated Bent Over Row

21X0; 3.3.3 reps; rest 10sec/rest 90sec (3 reps, 10sec rest, 3 reps, 10 sec rest, 3 reps) x 3 sets

B1) Single Arm Kettlebell Overhead Step Up

12 step ups (switch arms half way); rest 30sec x 3 (choose a box height that places your thigh at a 90 degree angle to the floor or slightly less)

B2) Dumbbell Elbowing Row

8-10/arm; rest 30sec x 3 sets

B3) Hollow Rocks

30-40sec; rest 90sec x 3 (hold a weight plate in your arms to increase difficulty)

C) 3 Sets

12 Goblet Squats 31X1
30sec Ring Plank (weight plate on back to make it harder)
10/arm Alternating DB Curls 2111
rest 90sec