3 Sets
30sec RKC Plank (plate loaded on back)
30sec Bottom of Barbell Good Morning Hold (light bar or PVC)
rest as needed

A1) Kang Squat

3111; 3-5reps; rest 60sec x 3

A2) GHD Hip Extension

2112; 8,8,6; rest 60sec x 3

B) Back Squat

4441; 4,4,4 (building from last week); rest 2-3mins – make these sets perfect tempo

C1) Suitcase RNT Reverse Lunges

30X1; 6,6,6/leg; rest 60sec x 3

C2) 3 Point Dumbbell Row

31X1; 6/arm; rest 60sec x 3 sets

C3) Single Arm Kettlebell Rack Carry

30m/arm; stay nice and tall, don’t lean to one side; rest 2mins x 3 sets