Every 90 seconds, for 30 minutes (5 sets):
Station 1 – 25/18 Calories of Assault Bike
Station 2 – 15 Burpee Box Jump-Overs (24″/20″)
Station 3 – 200 Meter Run
Station 4 – 20 Single-Arm DB Overhead Walking Lunges (50/35 lbs – 10 steps each side)
*Focus on holding the weight up with your lat. If your overhead mobility doesn’t allow for you to hold weight overhead without overextension of the lumbar, please how it in the front rack position instead.

Your goal should be to finish this entire workout without falling short in any interval. If the prescribed repetitions or distances are unattainable, please adjust the reps such that you are able to complete the first round relatively comfortably, and by the final round you will be challenged both mentally and physically.

On the other hand, if the above prescription is too easy for your current level, please increase the number of repetitions/distances to ensure that your rounds match the desired levels of intensity noted above.