3 Rounds Not for Time
10m Tall Plank Theraband Lateral Walk/direction
20m Reverse Quadruped Crawl
30sec Bent Hollow Hold

A) Push Press

21X2; 5,4,3; rest 2-3mins – build from past couple weeks – stay focused on strict tempo and get that OH Stronger!

B1) Dual Dumbbell Pronated Bench Press

3111; 4-6/arm; rest 30sec x 3

B2) 3-Point DB Row

2011; 8-10/arm; rest 30sec x 3

B3) Hollow Body Hold

Weight Hold – plate weight plate in your arms overhead and a light DB between your feet; 30-40sec; rest 2mins x 3

C) 3 Rounds Not for Time

12 Kettlebell Z Press (challenge yourself with load)
rest 30sec
30sec Single arm Plank/arm
rest 30sec
Wall Walk x 3 reps
rest 30sec