3 Sets Not for Time
Quadruped Crawl 20m
15-30sec Wall Facing HS Hold
30 Backward Jump Rope

A) Push Press

31X2; 7,6,5; rest 2-3mins

B1) Single Arm Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

Low Incline; 40X0; 6/arm; rest 60sec x 3

B2) Mixed Grip Pull-up

21X2; 3.3 x 3 sets; rest 60sec (3 reps then switch grip and finish 3 more reps) – work weaker side first if you notice a difference – scale back to mixed grip pull up negatives as needed

B3) Tuck L-Sit on Parallettes

15-30sec; rest 90sec x 3
*try to last longer this week or extend the legs a little bit

C) 3 Sets NFT

10-15sec Single Arm Active Bar Hang (if this is too hard go back to double arm active hang)
12 Double KB Clean and Press (light load)
12 Strict toes to Rings (or knees to chest)
*No rest between rounds