10 Turkish Get Ups – Not For Time (use a moderate KB weight and control these movements)
2 Sets
10m Quadruped Crawl Forward
10m Quadruped Crawl Reverse
20 Alternating Curtsy Squats

A) Front Squat

00X1; 6,6,6; (building ever so slightly from last week. Still focused on speed not load this week. GET UP FAST!); rest 3:30 between sets.

B1) Kettlebell Front Rack Front Foot Elevated Split Squat

30X1; 4-6/leg; rest 45sec x 3 sets (Front foot on 4″ step)

B2) Strict Chest to Bar Pull Up

AMRAP unbroken in a single set; rest 45sec x 3
assist as needed to ensure at least 4-8reps unbroken minium on first set. go for more if you can

B3) Half Kneeling Single Arm Arnold Press

2111; 4-6/arm x 3; rest 90sec

C) 10min Finisher

3 Hollow Body Wall Walks
15-20sec Chin OVer Bar Hold
20sec Ring Support
10m Filly Carry/arm