3 Sets –
10 Quadruped Hip Ext/leg
10 Side Plank Rotations/side
10 Jefferson Curls (light)

A) Front Squat

32X1; 6,6,5,5; rest 2mins (focus on great positions this week – maintain strict tempo)

B1) Suitcase RNT Split Squat

(Dumbbell Loaded at sides) 20X1; 6-8/leg; rest 45sec x 3 sets

B2) Strict Pull Up

21X1; 4-6reps; rest 45sec x 3 sets

B3) Single Arm Dumbbell Press

2112; 6-8reps/arm; rest 90sec x 3 sets

C) 9min Continuous – Move with purpose

30m KB Front Rack Carry
5 Strict Toes to Bar
20sec Wall Facing Handstand Hold