3 Sets
8 Half Kneeling Bottom Up KB Press/arm
3 Wall Walks Slow and Steady
30sec Star side Plank/side
rest as needed

A1) Seated Barbell Behind the Neck Press

31X1; 3,3,2 rest 90sec
*final week building these two

A2) Supinated Grip Deadlifts

3131; 3,3,2 rest rest 90sec
*final week building these two

B1) Single Arm DB Complex

3 SA DB Press
5 SA DB Push Press
7 SA DB Push Jerk
rest 45sec x 3 sets

B2) Clapping Push Ups

8-10reps; (add a deficit for advanced athletes and scale back to regular deficit push ups for athletes that aren’t confident to perform the plyo push ups) rest 90sec x 3 sets

C) EMOM x 10mins

Odd – 3 Burpee Broad Jumps For Distance!
Even – 4 Dual KB Russian Swings + 4 Dual KB Cleans + 4 Dual KB Front Squats