3 Sets
6/arm Half Kneeling Arnold Press
12 Monster Walks (KB in Front Rack)/forward and backwards
12 Side Plank Rotations/arm
rest as needed

A1) Barbell Z Press

6,5,4; rest 90sec (build from last weeks laods)

A2) Segmented Clean Deadlift

3030; 3,3,3 rest 90sec
*(this week the tempo is Touch and Go at the bottom but still make all pauses on the way up – 3 pauses)

B1) Single Arm Incline Dumbbell Bench Press

Semi Supinated Grip; 40X0; 6/arm; rest 60sec x 3 sets

B2) Ring Push Up

2020; AMRAP at tempo strict; if the TEMPO breaks the set is over; rest 60sec x 3 sets

C) EMOM x 10mins

Odd – 15 Banded Russian KBS
Even – 5 Tall box Jumps (step down)