3 Sets
8 Goblet Squats (3sec hold at bottom of each)
30sec Arrested Superman Hold
10 Alt Box Step Ups (tall box)

A1) Single-Arm Overhead Walking Lunge

20X1; 8/steps per arm (16 total per set) rest 45sec x 3

A2) 2-arm Turkish Sit Up

1 Z-press at the top of each sit up; 6-8 sit ups total; rest 45sec x 3

A3) Barbell Windshield Wipers

10/side; rest 90sec x 3

B1) Segmented Clean Grip Deadlift – 3 Pauses

5,5,5; rest 60sec

B2) Single Arm KB Rack Carry

30m/arm tough; rest walk 2-3mins x 5

C) 3 Sets

20 Alternating Lunge Box Jumps
rest 30sec
20m Farmers Walk
rest 30sec
3 Turkish Get up/arm
rest 30sec