3 Sets Not For Time
5 Complexes/arm (DB hang muscle snatch + DB push press)
20 Hollow Body Rocks

A) Split Stance Behind the Neck Press

*Perform with feet in lunge stance, however the back knee is to remain about 10-12″ off the ground so standing mostly at the top of the split stance position.

21X1; 2-3reps/leg position x 3 sets; rest 60sec (each set consists of 4-6 reps with 2-3 reps in each position) – same as last week just front of neck instead

B) 3 Sets – Not For Time

10 Dumbbell Bench Press @ 30X0 tempo
10 Seated Banded Face Pull 30X0
10 Chainsaw Rows/arm

C) 3 Sets @ tough effort

15 Deadlifts Choose a moderate unbroken weight
10 Dumbbell Z Press
2 Turkish Get Up per arm
rest as needed between sets