3 Sets
5 Half Kneeling Single Arm Bottom Up KB Press/arm
20sec DB Side Plank (hold DB in top arm)
30sec Dead Bug

A) Half Kneeling Behind the Neck Press

21X1; 4reps/leg x 3 sets; rest 60sec (Barbell behind the neck – each set consists of 8 reps with 4 reps in each kneeling position)

B1) Single Arm Dumbbell Deadlift

30X0; 6/armx 3 sets; rest 45sec

B2) Clapping Push Ups

20sec AMRAP; rest 45sec x 3 sets
Scale back to regular push ups with an explosive concentric tempo 10X) for 20sec.

B3) Chin Over Vertical Plane Pull Up Hold

30sec; rest 90sec x 3 sets

C) 3-4 Sets @ tough effort

14 KBS
14 Dumbbell Push Press
10 Strict Toes to Rings
Rest 60sec between sets
*choose tough but unbroken loads