3 Sets
6 Single Arm Landmine Press @ 31X2 tempo
12 Monster Band forward/backward
12 Side Plank Rotations/side

A) Barbell Z Press

5,4,4,3; rest 2mins (building loads from previous two weeks)

B1) Supinated Grip Deadlifts

40X0; 4-6reps x 1 sets, 3-4reps x 2 sets; rest 45sec

B2) Weighted Push Ups

20X1; 6-10reps; rest 45sec x 3 sets (plates loaded on back – strict tempo must be held)

B3) Prone Barbell Row

21X1; 6-8reps; rest 90sec x 3 sets

C) 3 Sets

35-50 Double Unders (scale back to single unders x 2)
8 Single Leg Suitcase Deadlifts/side (tough)
8 Dumbbell Strict Press
30m 2-arm Dumbbel Overhead Carry
45sec Forearm Plank
Rest 90sec between sets

*go with same load for all DB moveements