18161 Edison Avenue,
Chesterfield, MO 63005
Units F,G & H
(314) 677-7000

Getting Started


Foundations at CrossFit Chesterfield are unique in that they involve 3 one hour private lessons with head coach Justin McPherson instead of the traditional group on ramp classes offered at other CrossFit locations. New members will be able to learn the fundamentals of CrossFit in a stress free environment. You will learn personalized scaling and mobility drills which will help you transition to group classes.

• 3 - one hour long personal training sessions with head coach Justin McPherson - over 8 years of experience

• Coverage of CrossFit foundational movements, gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting

• Personalized mobility assessment and mobility drills

• Scaling options of challenging movements for a successful transition to group classes

• Introduction to nutrition and healthy eating to support your new lifestyle

• Call or email CrossFit Chesterfield to schedule


Waivers are available at CrossFit Chesterfield and below for your convenience. If you plan on filling the waiver out from home, please print the document, sign the waiver, and return to CrossFit Chesterfield before participating in your first class.

All minors (ages 17 and younger) planning on participating at CrossFit Chesterfield must have their parent and/or guardian sign the CrossFit Kids Waiver available below:

CrossFit Kids Waiver

All adults (ages 18 and older planning on participating at CrossFit Chesterfield must sign the CrossFit Waiver available below:

CrossFit Waiver

Drop Ins

• Members of out of town CrossFit affiliates (with at least 3 month of CrossFit experience) are welcome to drop into one of our regularly scheduled classes

• $20 or buy a Chesterfield CrossFit shirt or tank

• Please contact head coach Justin McPherson for reservations


• Discounts for military, police, firefighters, and students.

• Email or call for more information